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Do you think you care too much? That you need to control everything around you to prevent bad things from happening?

Worrying too much and having too much anxiety characterize Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Difficulty in controlling worry leads to suffering and reduces confidence and self-esteem. Other physical symptoms may be present, causing damage to life in general. 

The cognitive model suggests that anxiety and concerns occur when threats are perceived as greater than the resources to face them. What we think about concerns (meta worries) and difficulties in dealing with the uncertainty of the future are commonly present.

In general, the disorder manifests itself in thoughts like "What if ...?" and the concern continues to spread from one topic to another. People who suffer from anxiety feel inferior, fear being judged negatively by others and feel little able to change.

Treatment consists of formulating the anxiety problem and exploring more adaptive beliefs through cognitive and behavioral exercises. Learning new skills to deal with the uncertainties of the future and to face fears, increase flexibility and self-esteem lead to the reduction of anxiety and its problems.

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