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 Perguntas Frequentes (FAQ) 
  • Therapist-Patient Relationship
    Our relationship is based on trust, collaboration and commitment. The success of the treatment depends on an active participation on the part of the patient. It is in the interval between sessions that the desired changes will occur and we will achieve your goals in therapy. Therefore, it is very important that you put into practice everything we have talked about and all the home exercises combined in the session.
  • Supervision and registration of notes
    My work is supervised according to the requirements of the British Association for Behavioral & Cognitive Psychotherapies - BABCP. I have regular supervision to ensure high therapeutic standards. Notes are recorded about this work.
  • Confidentiality
    Our sessions are confidential, which means that I do not discuss our work with others, or reveal personal information or that you are in therapy with me. However, if I have serious concerns about your safety or that of others, you may need to inform your doctor or someone else. These situations are very rare and I always try to inform my patients in advance.
  • Sessions
    The first session is aimed at assessing the problems presented by patients.This session is also an opportunity for us to consider whether we want to work together, or whether therapy is appropriate for you. Future sessions are for treatment. All my session have a duration of 50 min, preferably weekly. The number of sessions will be predicted at the beginning and reviewed throughout the process.
  • Link to online sessions
    My sessions are carried out through the Zoom platform. Approximately 10 min before each session, I will send the link to the session, by email or Whatsapp. Please download Zoom on your computer or other device where you will be logged in. Any problem we can change to Whatsapp, Facetime or Skype.
  • Cancellations
    The scheduled sessions are confirmed by phone message or Whatsapp. If there is a need for cancellation, there will be no payment for sessions that are canceled with at least 24 hours, including due to illness and unexpected difficulties. I will also inform you in advance of my unattended periods, due to travel or other reasons.
  • Patient safety
    Patient safety is my priority. Therapeutic care does not provide care outside of sessions. As I am not available 24/7, if you are concerned about how you are feeling and would like to talk to someone, you can call Samaritans 116 123 or 111. If you are concerned with your security, immediately search for the nearest A&E or call 999. I suggest you have these contacts recorded on your phone.
  • End of therapy
    You can stop therapy at any time. A closing session is recommended. In this session, we will evaluate the results obtained in the therapy. You will also receive instructions on how to handle any relapse well.
  • Payment methods
    Payments must be made before each session by bank transfer or PayPal.
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