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Start changing right now

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Take advantage of the New Year's motivation and start to change right now what most bothers you in your life.

It may be the financial situation, a habit or a relationship. See how in 5 steps.

1) Be intolerant.

What is tolerated remains. So, be intolerant of what is of no benefit. In other words, make a decision now to stop accepting something in your life that you do not want, that is not correct, or does not do well.

2) Stop complaining.

If you are tired of complaining and have not solved the problem, it is probably because complaining is exactly what keeps it going. Complaining diverts the energy that should be channeled into the solution.

3) Acknowledge your participation. Identify what you do (or fail to do) that helps maintain the problem. For example: If your accounts don't close, acknowledge that you spend more than you should. If the partner does not help at home, acknowledge that you are doing the tasks that they would have to do.

4) Create a change action plan. Think of alternative actions that could solve the problem. Choose one or more actions, define how to implement them, the resources you will use and the deadlines.

5) Execute the plan and follow up. Evaluate the results, adjust whatever is necessary; celebrate the achievements!


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