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Do you think you suffer too much?

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Every now and then we go through situations that make us angry, sad or anxious. This is normal, but we often suffer beyond measure. Then, what to do? According to cognitive theory, the situation itself is not the problem, but what we think of it. Let's look at an example. In the social hall, the resident of 201 chats with that of 202 when his neighbour from 301 runs past them straight to the elevator. The one from 201 thinks: - I can't believe he didn't greet me. He must be angry because yesterday I did not vote for him to be a superintendent ”. 202's thinks: “How strange that he doesn't greet me, why is it? I'll call him later. If anything has happened, I can help ”. What happened next? The resident of 201 was sad, did not want to hear about the conversation with the neighbour. The other called him and commented on what had happened.

They ended up having a good laugh when they learned that he had forgotten the roast in the oven ... When you notice that your mood has worsened, a tip is to pay attention to how you interpreted the situation. Try to identify the thought that bothered you the most and don't go on believing it right away. When confronted with other possibilities, you may find that you are distorted from reality and will feel better. And who knows, it might also end in a good laugh!


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