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How about starting the year with high self-esteem?

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

In periods of low self-esteem, we tend to depreciate our qualities and overestimate weaknesses and failures.

To improve our perception of value and adequacy there is a very simple exercise that we can do.

On a piece of paper put the title “My List of Qualities”. During the day, whenever you think of something positive about yourself, put it on the list as a quality. Something positive can be a personality trait, a characteristic, a strength, a technical or artistic skill or specific knowledge.

For example, you just made a wonderful omelet and thought: I cook really well. We already have a quality! Put it on the list: I cook well. Or you have just comforted a friend, write there: “I can't hear”, or “I am a friend”. Write down the qualities as soon as you remember them, for two or three days.

Ready the list, read the qualities. What comes to mind? What do they demonstrate? Are they related in any way? Who do they talk about? What would I think of someone with these qualities? Would i like her? Do you think it has value? Which? Because?

In addition to improving self-esteem, exercise can bring good surprises, revealing unnoticed aspects of personality

In cases where low self-esteem is associated with depression, anxiety or other problems, the intervention of a psychotherapist for a deeper approach is recommended.


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