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Boosting self-esteem

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

With low self-esteem, we had little enthusiasm for the Olympics. Crisis, lack of money, Zika, pollution, distrust and disappointments prevailed. After the beautiful and exciting opening, however, we were able to experience the relief of pessimism and even the return of joy. We remain a people capable of doing good things and pleasing ourselves and others, despite the most serious problems. We often feel the same way in our personal lives, when difficulties discourage us and make us forget our strengths and virtues.

The fact that we do not pay attention to our qualities does not mean, however, that they do not exist; neither does it cancel them. On the contrary, it can strengthen them. We don't need to be the best at anything or to come first. We only need to value what already exists, what we have already achieved. Focusing on what we have, know and are can help us to renew our joy and willingness to go out in search of solutions and new achievements. Which, with high self-esteem, is much easier and more fun.


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